Reflections and flavours of Indian Culture and Colloquial Humour in Advertisements created by Prasoon Joshi

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CSVTU, Bhilai


Before a top poet-lyricist, author, and now the chairman of the board of censors, Prasoon Joshi belonged and still belonged to the world of advertisements. As a creative head and then the most sort after ‘ad-man’ the advertisements, their jingles and most importantly the tag lines created by Prasoon Joshi have a discrete aroma. Thirty seconds of commercial carries a whole story apart from the main message. And the message is delivered with such finesse and is wrapped and served in such a way that the audience savours the flavours of Indian Culture with a dash of colloquial humour. This paper accents the creativity applied by Prasoon Joshi in the taglines of the advertisement using humour as a primary tool and blending it with the typical Indian context. The paper will highlight the use of succinct style and the typical Indian idioms and phrases to create effective jingles that were and are very popular among the public Marketing strategies require making attractive advertisements which are persuasive enough to lead the potential customers to buy their product and in return benefit the sales of the company. The open market policies and the mass access to entertainment through television; made advertisements to become more musical and creative..