Nigerian Home Videos as Panacea for National Development


1 Department of the Performing Arts, University of Ilorin, Nigeria, Senior Research Fellow, Theatre Emissary International, Nigeria

2 Department of Theatre, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Director, Theatre Emissary International, Nigeria


This study examines Nigerian home videos as panacea for national development. It investigates the capacity of video films in nation building. Using historical and content analysis methods, the study reveals that the video-filmic medium has the capacity to contribute meaningfully to the development of Nigeria; archive and document history and culture; preserve morality and engineer economic growth among others. But the government and the people of most developing countries especially in Africa haven’t benefitted to full capacity from this medium due to many reasons. The study therefore recommends among others, the need for government to pay more attention to video films and professional empowerment initiatives for practitioners in this art in order to bring about acceleration of socio-economic and political growth of the county. This chapter also recommends the creation of more film festivals in order to encourage both amateurs and professionals in this field in order to showcase their productions; connect and network for partnership should be established. Funding initiatives to encourage both emerging and emerged veterans in this field is recommended so that more revenue can be generated for the nation and the productions from Nollywood can stand shoulder high with her counterparts from the rest of the world.