Cancer a Bridge towards Posthumanism in Edson’s Wit

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Abstract: Scholarly debates over the definition of humanism has shifted in recent years due to the rapid improvement of technology. The spread of technology was a turning point in the history of literature that can be traced in literary works of Victorian era or even earlier, in which the meaning of human is in relation with science and technology and one may probe the root of posthumanism in those times. Posthumanism does not just necessarily emphasize transformation of human, it can be transcendence or transformation of human beings, too. One of the notions of post humanism is the role of technology to remove limitations and difficulties. Biotechnology according to posthumanism is used to improve human’s condition better and in this play Jason the student of biochemistry tries to enhance the physical condition of Vivian who is suffering a chronic cancer, however, this study mirrors another factor of post humanism that is interrogation of humanism which is mirrored in Margaret Edson’s Wit.