Religious and Ethnic Identity of Pakistani Muslim Immigrant in Kureishi’s “The Black Album”

Document Type : Original Article


Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan Pakistan


Pakistani literature in English emerged evidently and globally recognized from last two decades. It’s relatively difficult to decree the precise date of its origin: roughly it could be said that its origin goes back to colonial India and it has close association with British colonialism. Broadly it can be divided into two main eras’ i.e Pre-Partition and Post-Partition Pakistani English literature. Pakistani literature thrived with the emergence of Pakistan but accomplished wider attention from 1980s.
This research paper aims to discuss the religious and ethnic identity of Pakistani-Muslim immigrants in England in context of the novel “The Black Album” by Hanif Kureishi (1995).
Kureishi himself belongs to Pakistani origin, born in London to a father who belonged to Pakistan. His mother was an English woman. Having Pakistani origin he selected the themes regarding multicultural, hybrid, religious and ethnic problems of Pakistani immigrants. This research paper will unfold the identity crises of Pakistani-Muslim Immigrants.