The Importance of Narrative Voice in The Valley of Amazement

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1 Department of English Language and Literature, Azad Islamic University of Tehran, South Breanch. Iran

2 Department of English Language and Literature, Islamic Azad University of Tehran, South Branch, Iran


According to Genette's narratology, the narrative voice depends on the way the narrator tells a story, its process, and its result. The narrator is responsible for the modification and rules of the story. In this respect, the narrative voice is the narrator's voice that determines the point of view. In a first-person narrative, the character and the narrator merge. However, the narrator recounts the conception of the character's manner to reveal her/his perception through thought and feeling, the focalizer focuses on the moment of perception. In The Valley of Amazement, Violet is the narrator-character of the story who conceptually recalls her analeptic life of her younger self through telling her unbelievable events. She constantly informs her conception about Violet, as the character. In this first-person narrative, she thinks about her situation and reports the character's thought and feeling. Further, thought and feeling are not different from speech except when the narrator undertakes to condense them into events. At the time of narrating, she operates under a set of different attitudes than those of the character. This paper is depicting the way Violet, as the narrator tells her conception, about Violet' thought and behavior, as the character, in the light of Genette's and Bal's narrative theory. Therefore, what is the importance of narrative voice in this story?