Shobhaa De's Idea of Feminism: A New Dimension to Indian Feminist Literature

Document Type : Original Article


Department of English, Shakya Muni College, Bodh-Gaya, Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya, Bihar, India.


Several Indian women writers, by voicing the opinions and desires of Indian women, have played a pivotal role in Indian Feminist Literature. Shobhaa De, a well-known columnist and frank writer of any social issue, introduces a new way of writing (with the depiction of sex) for women in Indian English Literature. She, while portraying women in her fiction, tries to mirror or portray her own feminist mindset. Her woman, being termed as ‘New Woman,’ is a sexually liberated free thinker. This new woman, a non-believer in submissive suffering, rebels against the centuries-old traditional patriarchal norms of Indian society. She, with feminist self-assertiveness and traditional domestic feminity, presents herself as an amalgamation of physical freedom, sexuality and stamina, striving for equal participation in pleasure, play, career, marriage, and family.

This paper, through a broad evaluation of her select novels, tries to explore De’s whole-hearted protest against the good old image of women, unable to live and do things in their own ways.