The Conflict between Reality and Magic in Here We Are by Graham Swift

Document Type : Original Article


University of Turin, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and Modern Cultures


In Here We Are, Graham Swift’s latest novel, the theme of magic features strongly, in that the main character is a professional magician and is fascinated by magic performances. Throughout the story, the world of magic often stands in opposition to the sphere of reality and clashes with it. By investigating this crucial conflict at the historical, existential and emotional level, the present paper aims to underline the importance of the conflict between magic and reality and shed light on the role it plays in paving the way for the ending of the novel. In order to fulfil this aim, significant passages and excerpts of the novel are analysed and quoted. This paper postulates that the outcome of the aforementioned conflict results in the main character’s decision to disappear and provides a solution to the chasm between the two irreconcilable dimensions. Finally, the meaning of the main character’s disappearance is analysed.