Poetics of Revolution: anti-colonialism in Maruf Al-Rusafi's Day of Fallujah and Munir Shikohabad's The Qasida

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Ministry of Education in Iraq-Anbar Education Directorate


This paper aims at exploring the theme of anti-colonialism in Maruf Al-Rusafi's poem ''Day of Fallujah'' and Munir Shikohabad's poem ''The Qasida''. Both of them are undergoing a generating considerable interest in terms of anti-colonialism with their pens and poems that entered the history of struggle against colonialism. This paper also documents the refusal of people of both countries: India and Iraq for the British colonial rule by analyzing two poems of Munir Shikohabadi and Maruf Al-Rusafi. The role of those two poets was to call for the unity of their people and encourage them to rebel against the colonizers and their agents; by condemning the British colonizers and disclosing their bluffing. This study is an attempt to answer the questions: how did Al-Rusafi and Shikohabadi link the bridge of struggle against colonialism through their poems? What were the literary techniques Al-Rusafi and Shikohabadi used to make their poems be argumentative in modern literature?