The Sun Will Rise Again From Africa


1 Assist. Prof. Dr., School of Foreign Languages, Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey

2 Assist. Prof. Dr., Department of English Language Teaching, Duzce University, Duzce, Turkey


This paper investigates the role of the language Biko and Kgositsile used through their diasporic movements, Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) by Biko and Black Art Movement (BAM) by Kgositsile, to analyze the symbiosis in their language and to reveal a designed methodology and social pedagogy in their philosophy, literature and art.  Moreover, the paper focuses on the interdependence in Biko’s oratory movement, which might be taken into consideration as a philosophical movement, and Kgositsile’s literary endeavors, which are elaborated as an artistic movement. The study proposes analogies and designed methodological and pedagogical practices for social and psychological construction through their movements which target collective consciousness bridging their traditional roots and modern world. Biko’s and Kgositsile’s lines are functioning as a record of the savageness they and their people experienced, and are pedagogical and methodological responses and instructions for them to survive in a modern social structure with a powerful self-conscious psychology. Through this perspective, the poem “Anguish Longer than Sorrow” by Kgositsile through Black Art Movement and Biko’s philosophy through Black Consciousness Movement will be analyzed and compared in this study.