An Intercultural Approach to Textbook Analysis: The Case of English Result


PhD candidate Kharazmi University


Highlighting the pivotal role of textbooks and materials in promoting intercultural communicative competence which gains prominence in the modern globalized world, the present study adopted a descriptive approach to English Result series. In doing so, this qualitative study analyzed the English Result (2009) series from an intercultural perspective. Thus, the representation of sociocultural identities was examined using Ting-Toomey’s (1988) identity negotiation theory. Identity representations were analyzed in terms of the four primary elements of cultural, ethnic, gender, and personal identities. Content analysis of visuals, reading passages, and audio tracks in the English Result series indicated that although the books have managed to represent gender, ethnic, and personal identity representations in the series, they have underrepresented cultural identity manifestations. Notwithstanding, this drawback – i.e., lack of cultural identity depiction, could –  be overcome by the teacher, realia, or DVDs which include a variety of cultural topics. The study ends with discussion and suggestions for further exploration of the textbooks from an intercultural, discursive, content-analytical perspective.